Harnesses for Our Grandpooches

We often babypooch for our children, and always take the dogs walking with harnesses rather than leaches. My husband and I just feel that a harness is kinder. No pulling and choking, so much  gentler for the dogs. So,looking after them is the next best thing to babysitting our grandchildren.


We’re all quite close, but we don’t get much opportunity to babysit now that the children have reached teen age years, what with sports and homework etc. Where did those years go!


These two crashed out after a walk to the shops, plus a play at the oval behind our shops. I’m going to buy them a comfortable bed each, they look a bit squashed here, or at least one has been squashed out onto the floor.This is Mike when he was a baby and I think we need a bigger bed for him and a littler one for Lily our mischievous little chocolate drop.


Poor Mike never gets a moment to rest, I think Lily is under the impression that he’s just there for her amusement, though it’s clear that he loves her because when she tires herself out running after him and rolls in a ball for a snooze, Mike goes over and nuzzles her to come and play.


I must say my husband and I get a great deal of fun out of all our grandpooches and love looking after them when the kids go on holiday and can’t take them with them. Lily still has to be watched and taken outside hourly, but we do have the occasional accident. However, I don’t worry too much about it anymore as I have found a no fuss way to clean it up completely, and here’s the tip.  

As soon as it happens get 2 sheets of kitchen paper and place over the urine, pour a small glass of water over to saturate, sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top. Leave for a couple of hours, then remove the paper and sprinkle another generous amount of salt on the wet patch. Leave to dry out and vacuum up the salt. It’s unbelievably easy and it works…no smell, no stain!











I'm Irish,living in Australia,having lived in France for 10 years.Married with 3 lovely daughters and 4 delightful grandchildren. Love cooking,gardening and piano.

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