“Are you ready for a business that can be run from anywhere in the world, that doesn’t involve you shipping anything to customers, and that’s virtually competition-proof?

” Amazon is exploding with activity, and we can show you how to get in NOW!”

Amazon is a Public Company, incorporated in 1997 and employs 7,800 people.

Most of us know by now that Amazon has 43% or thereabouts, of the world’s online retail market, and growing. Simply fuelled by high customer service and loyalty, not to mention brand awareness and low prices!

Prime membership is also growing, 20% of all US customers are members for a very good reason. For $US99 per year’s subscription to Prime, customers can avail of a free two-day delivery service, and depending on your zip code you could have a one-day free delivery.

Subscription fee includes extra free perks such as access to Amazon streaming videos...Award winning Transparent, Downton Abbey, The Wire, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire and about 5,000 more.

Get FREE two-hour delivery or scheduled delivery on over 10,000 items, from groceries to electronics to the biggest selection of books,CDs, videos, DVDs, toys, tools, home furnishings and housewares, apparel, and kitchen gadgets and much much more.

You can also get free delivery from your local stores, this of course depends on your zip code.

There are so many benefits for you at Amazon Prime, too numerous to list here so my best advice is to go to Amazon Prime 

You won’t be disappointed with the money you’ll save on just about everything!


PS:  And last but not least here’s some information about Amazon that I’m sure many of you didn’t know…me included!

Highlights from just a few of the wonderful things Amazon does for mankind.

Wounded veterans show 

what’s possible

Guide dogs get to know a new voice: Alexa


Help from Amazon for Mary’s Place Family Shelter.