ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket, Heather Gray, Large

Some of our pooches get very frightened when there’s a storm or fireworks going off, while others couldn’t care less. I remember baby pooching some years ago and whenever there was the slightest roll of thunder in the night Tara would come bounding into our bedroom and sit on my face, shaking like a leaf, I had to practically peel her off so that I could breath, luckily she was not enormous

Nowadays there are some wonderful products around for all kinds of “traumas” even for dogs, and I’m happy to say this is one the best for pooch anxiety.

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Tara is now in doggy heaven, but what she ,and my husband and I would have given to have anything to keep her calm in a storm!! Poor little pet…no she wasn’t poor, she had more than enough TLC!

I'm Irish,living in Australia,having lived in France for 10 years.Married with 3 lovely daughters and 4 delightful grandchildren. Love cooking,gardening and piano.

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