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I’m Irish, living in Australia. I spent ten years in France with my husband while he worked on the reservations system, for the TGV and Eurostar fast trains. His contract was to be a two year one, but luckily for us it lasted for ten…

We came back to Australia just in time for the birth of our first grandchild and now we have 4 wonderful grandchildren.

I am now a novice writer, and my interests range from music, playing piano,cooking, health and fitness.

My interests also include entrepreneurship and working from my home. When I bought my first PC the big thing for me was when I learned to write an email, and how exciting to be able to forward a letter.

Being able to see other people’s websites was another great milestone.

After awhile, I wanted to learn more but found computer really hard to understand. Many books later,and just as I was getting the gist of some computer terms, those books became rapidly outdated.

Of course,the wise thing to do at the start would have been to enroll in a computer course for beginners.

But better late than never and straight out of the blue (heaven), I found my supernerd as I called him,  in the form of a charming French man. He taught me so much, too much to list it all here. And the first 3 lessons I learned from him were:

–  Copy and paste
–  Open several pages at one time and keep them open
–  Organise my documents etc. to name but a few.

Olivier also knew when my computer was not performing as it should and more importantly, why, because with his valuable knowledge of computing, he was also a repair specialist and could deal with anything that went wrong.

I was still happily learning when unfortunately my “supernerd” left Australia for greener pastures.

Since then I have found a few very good teachers on the internet.They have taught me a lot and keep me updated in this ever changing web world.

I have also written a number of articles for Ezine Articles.com. And I’m quite proud of them.