How Early is Too Early To Enjoy The Festive Season

Have you, like me ever thought that some people and some stores start the Christmas festive season much too early? Like September, when we’re just about getting over the summer season?

But on the other hand, as I get older I’m beginning to enjoy the early decorations in our stores. In fact, I’ve had our small Christmas tree decorated with as many lights and baubles shining brightly since November. And because of the decline in postal services I also posted my overseas cards in November.

I love Christmas and want to hang on to it for as long as possible. So, Mam & Dad I know you’re “up there” and if you’re listening in and looking down, I’d like you to know that I love that you gave us all so many happy memories.

Did any of you like me and my 6 siblings ask Santa for the most outlandish and expensive presents? Needless to say none of us got what we asked for but we were all thrilled with our presents at the end of our beds.

Our poor parents probably crawled into bed in the wee hours waiting till the chattering stopped and making sure we were asleep, before they could distribute the booty. Then, to be woken at 5 pm with 6 clamouring, excited kids wanting to show them what Santa had brought them.

My eldest brother was long past the Santa stage so he remained curled up in his bed. But he was the one who kept us awake pretending he could see Santa with his sleigh full of toys. Of course by the time we younger ones hopped out of bed, and over to the window, my brother would then gleefully say ” missed him”.

Christmas was a truly magical time for us kids back then. We had infrequent treats during the year but the best was when we were taken to visit Santa in the bigger shops in town. We had to queue in the cold for quite some time, but we didn’t mind, we were all rugged up which only added to the anticipation and excitement.

At last we were in, and then we’d go through a half lit tunnel with all sorts of animations going on.



I'm Irish,living in Australia,having lived in France for 10 years.Married with 3 lovely daughters and 4 delightful grandchildren. Love cooking,gardening and piano.

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